Top 10 World’s Largest eCommerce Companies in 2021

As economies worldwide expand, the top ten largest eCommerce firms in the world contribute to spectacular growth by offering better technology, more convenient services, and more robust and “instant” delivery choices. The worldwide eCommerce business’s sales statistics continue to rise year after year, but how much is the global eCommerce industry worth? Last year, the worldwide eCommerce industry sales reached USD 3.465 trillion, mainly owing to rising consumer spending as the primary driver of this development. 

Amazon, the world’s largest eCommerce firm by revenue, is at the helm of the top eCommerce corporations. Following Amazon, Chinese eCommerce giants and Alibaba Group are the largest eCommerce firms, which round up their income to the top eCommerce companies., Inc.

Who is the world’s most profitable eCommerce company? Amazon will be the world’s largest eCommerce firm by revenue in 2020, having generated USD 280.5 billion in 2019. Amazon is a US multinational technology company located in Seattle, specialised in e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming and artificial intelligence.  As an online marketplace, AI assistant provider, a live-streaming platform, and a cloud computing platform, Amazon ranks first on this list of the top ten largest eCommerce firms in the world by revenue and market value. 

Amazon’s Prime Video, Amazon Music, Twitch, and Audible businesses provide downloads and video streaming, music, and audiobooks. Amazon also includes a publishing division, Amazon Publishing, a film and television production company, Amazon Studios, and a cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services. Amazon is the world’s third-largest firm by market capitalization, after only Microsoft and Apple. Amazon is the most valuable eCommerce company in terms of market capitalization. was ranked second among the top ten largest eCommerce firms in the world by revenue in 2020., often known as Jingdong, is a Chinese e-commerce business based in Beijing. By the number of transactions and revenue, is one of China’s two largest B2C online retailers (the other being Alibaba). Liu Qiangdong established on June 18, 1998, and its retail platform debuted online in 2004. Tencent holds a 20% interest in the firm. The firm is most recognized for its high-tech and artificial intelligence delivery investments via drones, autonomous technology, and robotics. It has the world’s most extensive drone delivery system, infrastructure, and capacity. is ranked second on this list of the top eCommerce firms by revenue, with USD 82.86 billion in sales and a market capitalization of USD 93.15 billion. 

3.Alibaba Group

The company is ranked third on BizVibe’s list of the biggest eCommerce firms by revenue. The Alibaba Group is a Chinese global technological conglomerate specializing in e-commerce, the internet, retail, and technology. Alibaba was created in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 21 years ago and provides online sales services through web portals and electronic payment systems, shopping search engines, and cloud computing services. In 2017, Alibaba launched Hema, a grocery chain where consumers may purchase in-store or online for delivery in under 30 minutes. Alibaba generated USD 71.98 billion in revenue in 2020, with a market cap of USD 595.23, making it one of the world’s top eCommerce companies by both measures.

A non-government retailer in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, is one of the country’s largest. With a market cap of $83.13 billion, is China’s third-largest eCommerce platform, after and Alibaba. Among the things sold at’s eCommerce stores are home appliances, three-dimensional (3D) products, books and general commerce like as cosmetics and newborn care products.


A Japanese electronic commerce and online retailing firm located in Tokyo, Japan, is fifth on this list of the top ten largest eCommerce companies globally by revenue. Rakuten earned USD 11.6 billion in sales last year and has a market worth of USD 12.46 billion. This is the biggest e-commerce site in Japan and a B2B2C E-Commerce platform. Rakuten began to grow outside of Japan and into international markets in 2005.


eBay is an American multinational e-commerce firm located in San Jose, California, that enables consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer transactions through its website, ranking sixth on this list of the world’s largest eCommerce companies by revenue. eBay was one the most well-known eCommerce sites, having been launched in 1995. eBay produced USD 10.8 billion in revenue last year and has a current market valuation of USD 35.75 billion, making it one of the world’s largest eCommerce firms. In addition to its original auction-style transactions, eBay has grown and extended to include quick shopping. 


Wayfair is ranked seventh on this list of the top ten largest eCommerce firms globally by revenue, has generated USD 9.13 billion last year, and has a current market capitalization of USD 19.11 billion. Wayfair is furniture and home-goods e-commerce firm based in the United States. Wayfair is a digital marketplace with 14 million goods from over 11,000 worldwide suppliers. The firm has offices and warehouses throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. 


Zalando is ranked eighth on this list of the world’s top eCommerce firms by revenue, with USD 7.26 billion generated in 2019. Zalando is a European e-commerce firm established in Berlin, Germany that uses a platform strategy to sell fashion and leisure items to 17 European countries. With a 26 percent interest, Kinnevik is Zalando’s largest shareholder. The business has a current market valuation of USD 15.72 billion, making it one of the top eCommerce companies in the world terms of both sales and market cap. 


Coupang, a South Korean e-commerce business launched in 2010, ranks ninth on this list of the top ten largest eCommerce companies globally, with a revenue of USD 6.23 billion last year. Coupang is South Korea’s largest online retailer, with a market capitalization of USD 5 billion. Coupang promises to deliver 99.6 percent of its orders within 24 hours. The company has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles, mountain vision, New York and Seattle and is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.


Flipkart, an Indian e-commerce business located in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, rounds out BizVibe’s ranking of the top ten largest eCommerce companies in the world. Flipkart made USD 6.1 billion in revenue in 2019. Flipkart specializes in books, consumer electronics, fashion, household necessities and food, and lifestyle items. Flipkart now has a market valuation of USD 11 billion, making it one of the world’s largest eCommerce firms in terms of market capitalization. 

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