WooCommerce turns WordPress into a fully functional eCommerce platform, and it’s the most popular way to create an eCommerce store by far.

Indeed, one of the factors contributing to WooCommerce’s effectiveness is the availability of WooCommerce plugins, which allow you to customize your shop in various novel ways. Using plugins, you may boost your marketing efforts, provide a better shopping experience for your customers, optimize your administrative procedures, and much more.

However, a simple search for “WooCommerce” on WordPress.org yields over 960 different plugins, making it difficult to sort through all of those possibilities to discover the most OK WooCommerce plugins for your shop. To save you time, we conducted the research and came up with a list of six must-have WooCommerce plugins that may boost your business in various ways.

Let’s get started!


1. Iconic Sales Booster

Iconic Sales Booster is a plugin that assists you in implementing some of the most efficient eCommerce sales techniques, such as showing “frequently purchased together” or “customers also bought” goods (just like Amazon does).

You may even go above and above by implementing order spikes at checkout as well as one-click cross-sells and upsells after checkout. All of these techniques assist you in increasing your income per order and improving your bottom line.

Key Features & Pricing:

  • Use “often bought together” or “customers also bought” to add similar goods to your product pages.
  • Order can be added at the checkout.
  • After checkout, show one-click cross-sell or upsell options.
  • It is compatible with any payment gateway.
  • Built-in statistics allow you to measure conversion rates and identify the most successful tactics.
  • Prices begin at $129.

2. HubSpot WooCommerce Plugin

HubSpot is well-known inbound marketing, sales, and customer care solution. It comes with a CRM, email marketing tools, and a lot more. You can also sync all of your store’s activity and customer data to the HubSpot CRM with the HubSpot for WooCommerce plugin.

You may manage your customers using the CRM, which provides complete profiles for their activity, orders, and so on. Then you may create marketing automation rules for strategies such as shopping cart abandonment emails, welcome emails, and others. You may also split your consumers into groups and measure the ROI of your Facebook, Google, and other platform ad campaigns.

Key Features & Pricing:

  • Sync data from WooCommerce to HubSpot.
  • CRM to manage your customers and track their behavior.
  • Send emails to clients.
  • Shoppers should be segmented.
  • Marketing automation rules for abandoned carts, among other things.
  • Analytics for eCommerce, including tools for tracking the ROI of marketing campaigns.
  • It is entirely free to use. Additional HubSpot functionalities are available as optional add-ons.

3. Spotlight Social Media Feeds

Instagram is one of the most significant social networks for WooCommerce businesses, so if you don’t already have a presence there, you should. After that, the Spotlight plugin will allow you to connect your Instagram feed into your WooCommerce store quickly.

But where this plugin shines is in its ability to curate Instagram material from other users. You might, for example, establish a showcase of Instagram posts about your items from satisfied customers, which is a beautiful approach to develop social proof and see your products in action. You can save time by automatically importing information from a specific hashtag – and don’t worry; you can quickly regulate anything before it appears on your live site!

Spotlight also allows you to link Instagram posts directly to your WooCommerce items. When users click on the image in the feed, you can either direct them to WooCommerce or redirect them to another page. Alternatively, you may add a custom CTA link to the picture popup.

Key Features & Pricing:

  • Make Instagram feeds based on user accounts, hashtags, or posts tagged with your account.
  • may be filtered by keyword or hashtag (include/exclude criteria).
  • Before showing Instagram postings need manual moderation.
  • Connect your feed to WooCommerce items directly or add a CTA to link to products.
  • There are several layout and stylistic guidelines.
  • Basic version for free. The Pro edition costs $49.

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4. Advanced Coupons

WooCommerce has its built-in coupon tool. However, it is pretty rudimentary and only allows you to generate simple flat or percentage discounts. Complex Coupons provides precisely what the name implies: it extends the basic WooCommerce coupon functionality to allow you to create more advanced discounts, such as “Buy X, Get X free” deals (also known as BOGO deals), free shipping coupons, free items, more advanced limitations, and much more.

Key Features & Pricing:

  • This plugin extends the core WooCommerce coupon system.
  • Make your own BOGO offers.
  • Make free shipping vouchers available.
  • When a user applies a discount, add goods to the basket.
  • When someone hits a URL, automatically apply discounts (great for sharing on social media).
  • Coupons should be scheduled.
  • Basic version for free. The Pro edition costs $39.50.

5. WP RSS Aggregator

Because it allows you to import any information from any RSS feed, WP RSS Aggregator is a versatile solution for WooCommerce businesses. One option is to utilize it to curate material, which allows you to generate engaging content for your customers without putting in a lot of effort. You may also use it for non-marketing purposes, such as importing items into your WooCommerce store.

Overall, it’s a versatile tool for working with RSS feeds on your store.

Key Features & Pricing:

  • Curate and import RSS feed content.
  • Import material in the form of genuine WordPress posts (or WooCommerce products).
  • Filter material automatically.
  • Before adding material, require human approval (or post it automatically).
  • Force the entire text of RSS feed items to be shown (even if they only include an excerpt).
  • There is a free version available. The Pro edition costs $59, or $159 if you buy it with all the add-ons.

6. CartFlows

CartFlows uses funnels and other methods to help you improve the WooCommerce checkout experience. It’s a convenient feature if you’re utilizing WooCommerce as a payment processor for courses, services, digital items, and so on. It may also be beneficial for more typical eCommerce shops.

In a word, it allows you to utilize your preferred visual builder to create unique funnels that include one-click upsells and down sells, one-click order spikes, A/B testing, optimized checkout designs, lead gen forms, and more.

Key Features & Pricing:

  • Create your custom funnels to improve the checkout experience.
  • Include one-click upsells, down sells, order spikes, and other features.
  • Checkout templates that have already been created.
  • Use your favorite builder – the native block editor, Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi are all supported.
  • Analytics and A/B testing are built-in.
  • Version for free. The Pro edition is $199.

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