You’ve probably heard a lot about the effectiveness of whiteboard videos. It’s a fantastic method to both educate and sell your target audience on a complex topic. According to one research, including a video on your landing page may boost its conversion rate by up to 80%.

Some of you may have also considered creating a whiteboard animation movie in an hour or outsourcing it for dirt cheap through freelancer. If it were so simple, every firm would have been an enormous success.

According to a recent estimate, over 400 hours of video are posted to YouTube every minute.

How can you create whiteboard animation that stands out in a sea of videos? It would be best if you employed some techniques for generating animation videos that will assist you in reaching your objectives.

9 Pro Tips to Make Your Whiteboard Animation Videos Stand Out from the Crowd

You may come across a lot of ineffective advice that will not work for you. This portion of the post will offer nine tried-and-true techniques for improving the quality of your whiteboard animation movies.

1. Add a compelling story:

You have to think about the plot before you make an animation or incorporate fancy characters. The plot is like your video’s heart. You may get away with a video of average quality, but nobody will keep to your tape if you have a messy history.

Each video script that explains must have a hook, narrative, and call to action. You may wish to visit a copywriter or learn art alone if you are not a skilled copywriter (which takes a lot of time).

After the writing of the screenplay has been completed, share it with your team, read it loudly and make any changes.

2. Do not try to distinguish between conventional whiteboards:

The people have developed a lot in technology and taste. However, the reasons for the efficacy of the whiteboard animation film remain the same, namely a traditional whiteboard video style.

There are usually three items in the classic form of the whiteboard:

  • The White Background
  • The hand to draw
  • The constant drawing

Using contemporary fancy technologies, you may make your whiteboard animation more exciting and add whiteboard animation after effect, but you should not depart from the traditional whiteboard style.

3. Add fascinating characters for animation:

The animation of characters plays an integral part in enjoying the video. It would be better to use compelling characters who are related to your tale. It is also essential to make sure that figures match the taste and preferences of your viewers as they give a personal touch and make the animated movie on whiteboards unique.

4.Do not miss out on the drawing hand:

New neuroscience research identified neurons for mirrors and how they function. These neurons allow us to experience other people’s joy, sorrow, and satisfaction by looking at them. An animated movie from the whiteboard is beneficial to persuade people to take action by sketching their hands. We feel as though we are participating in the specific activity on the video by looking at the side of the film. We are satisfied with it from the second hand. The sketching hand may be omitted, but remember that the hand adds significantly to video efficiency.

5. Play colorfully, but not too much:

A typical video on a whiteboard deals with a spot of black ink and white background. The newest animation movie on the whiteboard, however, has numerous colorful figures. It increases the efficiency of the video if you don’t depart much from the conventional principles of whiteboards, which are fundamental to the video’s potency. All you need to understand is which animation program works best for you or your company. The main sections of the video may be colored. Learn the psychology of various colors and make sure the color fits the brand and characters and communicate the message successfully. Here is an example of an extensive video on the whiteboard where the manufacturer inserts tones but does not overdo them.

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6. Insert emotions:

The study shows that people decide to buy according to feelings and then defend their decision logically. It’s not a product but how you inspire your viewers to share your film with others. Depending on the nature and the audience you serve, you should include dynamic lines. It may be joyful, entertaining, empathic, etc. You will be more likely to do the work you like if you keep them emotional until your film is finished. If you study the high-end films, the filmmaker adds emotional phrases and situations throughout their films so that the viewer may be attracted until the conclusion. When they view the film, they talk about their experience to their friends and family.

7. Add a bit of fun to education:

An explanatory film aims to simplify and share complicated subjects with viewers to educate them. But the quality of the clip is dictated by the entertaining factors. You make the movie fascinating and keep the viewers to your whiteboard animation video by adding a new screenplay, vivid characters, backdrop, music, etc. The individuals who view your videos are more likely to comprehend the message that you want to communicate. See the video that is simultaneously informative and amusing.

8. Add suspense and link:

“What’s next?” Does your audience stick with the video? It would be best if you built tension by creating interconnected characters continuously, which will keep you informed about the future of the video. Furthermore, give a twist to the film by producing scenes that surprise visitors.

9. Consulting with experts or a firm producing whiteboards:

If you’re not an expert, it makes little sense to attempt to do it all yourself. Not only can a low-quality video get up on the internet, but it may also destroy your business image.

To benefit from their skills, consult a professional or whiteboard animation studio. You may also make mind-blowing and productive videos with whiteboard animation software. For most OK in-class specialists, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Elite-B-Growth.


A whiteboard video is an excellent tool for effectively communicating your point. However, if you do not want to spend hard work developing and polishing the film, it will not work for you; creating a video doesn’t make sense.

The methods I described work, but you need to incorporate tips in the whiteboard animation movie-making process. If you use the ideas wisely, you will observe an increase in your commission rate.

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