Getting your B2B business to the top of the charts is less about glitz and glam and more about digital marketing solutions that assist internal teams in acting as a single, unified force.

The reality of the issue is that marketing is not an easy task. I could tell you it was as easy as 1-2-3, but it would guarantee your failure. Fortunately, the issues that marketers frequently face—poorly performing content, misalignment, ad hoc request driving strategy, and so on—are not uncommon.

Which, fortunately for us, implies that there is a lot of knowledge on how to tackle these frequent difficulties.

Begin with the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing:

First and foremost: A pleasant customer experience is required for successful digital marketing. The ultimate objective of your digital initiatives is to offer the appropriate material to the appropriate consumer at the appropriate moment.

Consider how you’re presently building awareness through digital marketing and its total impact to ensure you develop an experience that customers will like. Better still, consider tactics that will allow each team to align better with the overarching brand messaging while performing what they are best at.

Here are five digital marketing options to assist you in growing your content marketing into a robust operation that provides an exceptional digital experience.

1.Examine Your Existing Digital Marketing Strategies:

Before you execute improvements, you must clearly understand the success criteria. Is success measured in terms of hits, shares, likes, or downloads?

What social platforms are the most relevant, and what sort of material consistently converts? Are you responding to consumer questions in a helpful manner? Most essential, are you utilizing social platforms that are popular among your target buyers?

Taking a good, hard look at where content is going—and its conversion rates—provides the knowledge you need to scale down or scale up specific techniques. Then you may consistently employ the best of the best across all digital platforms.

Check out how they updated their content system to produce the Kapost Top 50 for a beautiful example of how to dig down and get the most out of arranging your material.

2.Make use of a centralized content repository:

Is there a clear, straightforward way for members of your organization to access research, social media statistics, and current marketing campaigns? Are materials tagged and labeled using appropriate terms?

Is content accessed on a team-by-team basis, or is it accessed at all? It is challenging to create consistent messaging that hits on essential stages throughout the buyer’s journey without team cohesiveness. It also makes optimizing conversion rates difficult.

The easier it is to identify and repurpose authorized material (especially highly technical content) for dissemination across various digital platforms, the better you can fulfill consumer demands and adhere to a single core message in every language. SCIEX is an example of a firm that streamlined, cooperated on, and recycled material, distinguishing itself as a rock star by developing a very effective integrated digital marketing solution.

3. Cultivate Internal Collaboration:

Internal cooperation is one of the quickest methods to increase your company’s overall digital marketing excellence.

Your sales crew, for example, is continuously communicating with consumers and learning about their wants and requirements. This group possesses critical insights that may be used to design marketing content and impact digital marketing solutions for the whole business. Why not put that knowledge to use?

Allow workers to share their skills with those in charge of producing content and overseeing social media campaign development. Encouraging cooperation allows everyone to contribute their unique perspective to the creation of more finely tuned consumer content.

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4.Anticipate, meet, and exceed customer needs at every stage of the process:

To create a successful marketing-driven customer experience, you must first understand how each stakeholder interacts with your sales process. Then and only then will you be able to supply material that supports each stage of the buyer’s journey.

With so many parties involved in a sale, improving your internal process is priceless. Creating a clear buyer’s journey that drives clients to purchase with confidence when each team operates in silos is far more challenging.

MaritzCX revealed in a recent CMSWire webinar, “Implement a CX Health Check,” that while 34% of organizations have done customer journey mapping, just 2% have claimed success from their efforts.

You’re already a rock star if you aggressively solicit material from teams that map out your client journey.

5. Get Creative, in a Smart Way:

While you may be tempted to aim for the shock factor to attract attention, being ingeniously inventive is a much better strategy.

Using a game, sweepstakes, or competitions centered on an important message is a fantastic approach to pique clients’ attention and give little, easy bites to keep them interested as you trickle them around social media.

Datavail is a prime example of a firm that accomplished this. They devised a Monopoly-style game to help them engage with their primary target market: database administrators. Datavail used data-driven marketing to design and position the game while engaging with all departments to address actual scenarios and pain points.

Key Takeaways

Whatever your goals are for this year, the first step is to define your procedures. The more internal team alignment you can achieve—and the more you can build a clear buyer’s journey with supporting content—the simpler it will be to deliver meaningful experiences along the journey.

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