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Digital agency services provide your company a wide range of digital solutions to assist you in advertising your product or service online, meet your marketing objectives and expand your business. They can focus on your business and what you do best, they save time and money, they have a team of industry experts, they have insights into the latest trends and resources, they have project flexibility, they have an outside perspective, they have discovered, and business recommendations and they have growth and scalability.


It isn’t only about generating “brand awareness” or page views to classify your content in search results. Since 72 percent of consumers resort to Google when they find that they have an issue at first, it is important to employ SEO to give the appropriate people the right information at the right time on their buyer’s journey.

To assist increase your SEO, digital marketing companies can conduct any or all of the following.

Infrastructure analysis:

The architecture of your website tells search engines what they’re looking for when they crawl a site. Specific technical requirements for your site’s infrastructure must be met to receive the best possible grade.

Link profile audit:

SEO audits assist you in determining where your backlinks are originating from and which sorts of sites are most likely to connect to your content. This allows you to enhance the quality of your connections while also doubling down on those that work well.

UX evaluation:

A UX assessment is a shockingly underutilized SEO element. When it comes to ranking, search engines have recently prioritized site user experience. Thus it’s critical to have a good layout so that customers can complete the necessary tasks.

SEO campaign management:

Running a successful SEO strategy is not only about obtaining backlinks or filling your article with keywords. The creation of content is useful and helps your target audience progress your funnel.

Broken link identification and outreach:

Finding broken links and contacting site owners are easy strategies to increase the number of backlinks to your site. Before choosing an SEO service, it is critical to determine whether they understand how to calculate ROI correctly. Here is a standard formula for calculating ROI from an SEO campaign:

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Expected ROI:

Assume you run an e-commerce website. The average monthly traffic to your site, the average conversion rate, and the average order amount may all be used to calculate your projected ROI.

Assume you have 50,000 average monthly visitors, a conversion rate of 0.68 percent, and an average order value of $176. And your agency informs you that your SEO job might cost up to $20,000 to complete.

You can then calculate your “break-even” point. This is the point at which your agency will create a positive ROI, which can be calculated using the projected project cost / average order value.


When done correctly, infographics may significantly increase the number of shares you receive for your material. Infographics receive the most shares on average.

However, there is a significant gap between well-researched, high-quality infographics and most infographics created by people who aren’t graphic artists.

The typical method for generating an infographic is as follows:

Choose the appropriate topic. While infographics are the most commonly shared type of content, you can’t just post one and expect it to become viral. You must really grasp your customer’s pain areas and design graphics that catch their attention. For instance, here’s one we created called The Anatomy of Going Viral [infographic].

Conduct extensive research:

After you’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to locate the proper data points for each “segment” of the infographic so that it offers value to readers.


Once the infographic components have been determined, you must begin planning how the infographic will appear when completed so that it has maximum visual impact and reflects your brand.


Images and data displays are then added to the wireframe.

According to Social Media Explorer, you may use a few critical criteria to assess the worth of your infographics. You may, for example, quantify your awareness and involvement in a variety of ways, including:

Inbound links:

You can track how many sites link back to yours using tools like Moz or Google Analytics. This also allows you to assess how well you’re doing with your SEO efforts.


Metrics like page views on top-of-the-funnel may significantly influence your end as long as you have the remainder of your funnel in place.


You can also use Google Analytics to check how many people access your infographics by using particular keywords.

Average time on page:

Google Analytics may also be used to calculate this statistic. This way, you can track the increase in an interaction caused by your infographic.

Facebook Advertising:

Facebook’s targeting capabilities, along with its vast user base, give it an excellent platform for nearly any business to realize ROI. Gender, education level, money, location, interests, status updates, and even important life events may be targeted. Because of the quantity of data Facebook has access to, Facebook ads can be even more effective than other kinds of targeted advertising.

Calculating your Facebook advertising ROI is more superficial than calculating ROI for many other marketing techniques. Facebook offers built-in conversion tracking that shows how many people clicked on your ad and visited your landing page.

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