Many businesses jump into Facebook marketing without a clear plan and end up failing. That’s because they don’t know what to do or how to proceed. If you’re planning on creating a business page for your brand, this article will help you create an efficient strategy through 20 steps.

The following are the Top 20 Tips when Setting up Your Facebook Business Page:

1- Set Goals

A plan is nothing without goals. Everything you do should be focused on achieving your company goals. You need to set monthly and yearly targets in order to achieve these goals in time and come up with strategies that suit the achievement of these objectives in the least amount of time possible.

2- Create Excellent Content that Holds Attention

It is important for users to be able to see what you do and why they should use your services or buy from you. Create posts that have a clear message, are relevant, and captivating. Avoid being promotional in your posts at any cost, instead integrate promotional messages subtly in the post.

3- Use Images

People who use Facebook on their mobile devices tend to also share more images than anything else. This is because images hold attention better than text only posts. Using compelling visuals with concise messages is one of the best ways to get your content shared by people with similar interests in your niche.

4- Ask People for Feedback

If you’re not sure whether the content you’re creating is interesting enough, simply ask your followers if it’s worth posting or not. You can ask a number of questions in one post and then let your followers answer them. The feedback from your community will help you understand what people think about the content you’re sharing.

5- Show Some Personality

The best brands on Facebook are those who report “behind the scenes” information about their company, add some personality to their brand, and add a hint of emotions when talking about products or services. For example rather than simply saying that a product is good, show it in action!

6- Interact With People Who Comment on Your Page’s Posts

Whenever someone comments on a post you’ve shared, always reply with a genuine message even if it’s just a simple thank you or an. Try to engage each user on your page by replying to their comments and start new conversations this way.

7- Give Users Exclusive Offers

One of the best ways to build a strong relationship with your customers is through exclusive offers that aren’t available anywhere else – even on your company website. Look for the latest trends in your niche and offer users discounts or giveaways based on these trends.

8- Do a Quiz or Poll

These are fun posts that people love to engage with. You can ask almost anything from light-hearted questions such as “What’s your favorite…” to more interesting questions like “…If you could travel to Mars tomorrow would you go?” The answers you get will help you understand what kind of content people want!

9- Publish Industry News

People are always searching on Google for the latest news in your industry. Add new posts to your Facebook page that are 100% relevant to your audience, but don’t forget about writing an introduction or a comment that adds some value to these links before sharing them with people. This way you’ll encourage users to visit your website and learn more about what you do.

10- Have a Custom Profile Picture

Make sure you use the same profile picture everywhere where it is possible (your website, Twitter, LinkedIn). If someone tries search for you on any of these channels they will be able to find every other one easily thanks to this custom profile picture, which gives you an advantage over competitors who aren’t using theirs elsewhere too!

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11- Use Facebook Ads

You can create targeted ads that people will see in their news feed and then add them directly to your page. Make sure you add some sort of incentive, such as a discount on your products, for users to click on these ads and visit your website. It’s also easy to monitor the success rates of each ad through analytics so it’s a great way to boost traffic quickly! Check out this tutorial: A Quick Guide To Facebook Advertising

12- Your Posts Short and Sweet

The shorter your posts are, the more likely they’ll be shared by others. Long text is unappealing and difficult to read on mobile devices (where most people like viewing content). If you must publish long posts make sure they’re featured in your page’s news feed (and not shared on the wall).

13- Use Facebook Insights to Improve Content

Facebook Insights is a great tool that will help you understand what content people like the most and what posts are performing well. If you discover some posts get more likes than others, consider sharing them again with small changes (e.g. publishing it at a different time or day of the week where more people might be online). You can’t go wrong with these posts!

14- Ask Users to ‘Like’ Your Page

The number of fans your page has is one of the main criteria for ranking high in search results so it’s important to ask users on your website or blog to become fans on Facebook too. It’s also important that you ask people to like your page in a place where it fits contextually (e.g. an about page, a blog post).

15- Get Featured in News by Submitting Press Releases

Most of the time companies submit press releases to news websites and magazines when something has changed or is about to change but there’s no guarantee you’ll get featured if this isn’t really “newsworthy“. A better idea might be pitching ideas for new press releases before they happen, which are likely to go viral on Facebook because more people will see them!

16- Share Status Updates That Are Unique & Interesting

Just adding some text without including an image or link doesn’t make for a good post. Try not limit yourself to sharing links and news as Status Updates. Talk about your plans, show users what you’re working on and ask questions that sound natural (and won’t look like spam).

17- Ask Questions

Asking interesting questions is a great way to boost engagement on Facebook with your posts. People love answering questions and they might even share them with their friends who then answer too! If you publish blog posts or new products/services be sure to include some of these questions so people can interact more with what you’ve shared.

18- Update Your Cover Photo Regularly

The cover photo is one of the most important pieces of real estate on your Facebook page so don’t forget to update it regularly with fresh content. These images will be shown prominently in news feeds and it’s a great opportunity to share even more content that people might like.

19- Join Interesting Groups & Events

Joining Facebook groups is a great way to get targeted traffic from niche markets who have similar interests. It’s also a place where you’ll see what other people are posting about (and the types of questions they’re asking) so you can add value by answering these or sharing your own posts/solutions/products with them.

20- Participate in Events

Events are another good way for marketers to connect with potential clients and leads, particularly because events often generate buzz on Facebook and allow users to meet in real life (and maybe discuss business opportunities). As with groups, events are another place where you can share stories and create discussions.


Just as marketers need to understand the psychology behind how customers make decisions, they also need to know what drives people on Facebook. A successful Facebook marketing strategy will resonate with your fans and followers by using a mix of text posts (short or long), images, links, status updates, questions and event participation. If you’re looking for more information about these principles or guidance in applying them please contact us today! We have experts ready to partner with you so that we can help drive sales through social media channels like Facebook whether offline businesses are selling products online or vice versa.

If you want to create a successful Facebook marketing strategy that resonates with your fans and followers, we can help. We have experts ready to partner with you so that we can guide businesses in using social media channels like Facebook whether offline businesses are selling products online or vice versa. Contact us today!

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