Promote Your Brand on Instagram

Here are the ways to Promote Your Brand on Instagram

Making a name for yourself on Instagram can be difficult. The social media platform is filled with brands and celebrities, who have an established following. It’s hard to stand out in such a crowded field, but here are some ways that you can grow your brand recognition on the popular image sharing website:

1) Interact With Your Followers/Target Audience

If people aren’t engaging with your content, you won’t get very far on Instagram. This means liking and commenting on their photos, answering any questions they might have for you, and generally showing an interest in what they’re doing. When done right, this will create a loyal fan base that will share your content with others leading to more followers down the line. Even if someone doesn’t follow you back, they’ll see your comments on their friends’ feeds and might re-consider them the next time they log in.

2) Get to Know Your Audience

An Instagram account for a brand or product without any followers is basically useless. That’s why you need to get to know who your audience is before starting an account. Whether it’s demographics like age, gender, or geography that you want to explore or interests that connect them all together, knowing what kind of people already interact with your brand can help dictate how you market yourself on Instagram. This could mean building content around popular hashtags, dealing with customer service issues more promptly, or targeting certain influencers.

Once you understand how each part of your audience behaves, this will inform your marketing efforts and create a more cohesive brand across all of your social media platforms.

3) Post Relevant, Interesting Content

Once you’ve got an idea about the kind of person who follows your brand on Instagram, it’s time to post content that they’ll want to see. This means posting things like photos, videos, and links that are relevant to them. If you’re selling fashion products, for example, this might mean sharing runway shows or popular styles with users in the caption. Try using hashtags like #outfitinspo or #fbloggers if people are interested in seeing more content like that too.

4) Keep Within Instagram’s Limits

The biggest mistake most brands make on Instagram is overdoing it with their posts. While you want to post a lot of content, that doesn’t mean you should do it all at once. Try to space them out with a few hours in between each one and limit your efforts to around three posts a day. If people start seeing too much of your brand on their feeds, they might unfollow you or simply stop checking back as often. This means that while finding an audience is important, consistency will keep them coming back for more.

promote your brand on Instagram

5) Use Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories are video clips that last 24 hours before getting deleted forever. They’re like Snapchat stories but more public, which makes them perfect new features if you want to connect with your existing followers on Instagram. You can upload photos and videos and animation videos from inside the app itself and even include links to other content for people to check out. These are perfect for everything from announcements to bonus offers or contests. You can also use them as a social media marketing tool by linking them with your website’s referral program, which encourages the people who view each one to enter your giveaways.

6) Post Regularly

While you don’t want to go overboard, it’s important that you post frequently on Instagram. This will keep your brand in the minds of your followers, meaning that they’ll be more likely to buy into what you have to offer if they follow what you’re up to do every day. Additionally, posting regularly will give you more posts in general so that fans have something new to look at whenever they head over to your profile.

7) Leverage Users Who Have Been Influential in the Past

One of the best ways to market on Instagram is by working with influencers. These are people who have a large following and will promote your brand or products on their own posts, usually for a fee. You can find them using tools like Tap Influence or BuzzSumo, which do all the research work for you by searching hashtags and keywords. If you’re looking for someone with a certain number of followers, try searching terms like “Instagram influencer” followed by those specific numbers. Plus, if they’ve been influential in the past, it’s more likely that they’ll do something similar again down the line.

8) Ask for User-Generated Content

One of the best ways to market on Instagram is by tapping into what your existing audience is already doing. For example, you could ask them to share photos of themselves using your products or services, then post them along with a specific hashtag that relates back to your brand. This allows you to tap into their personal networks and attract new followers who are interested in seeing more content like this. Plus, it gives fans an opportunity to be featured on your account which will make many customers feel special.

9) Focus On Quality Over Quantity

Instagram doesn’t have explicit limits when it comes to posting frequency but that doesn’t mean you should go overboard either. What matters most online is quality over quantity, which means producing professional-looking photos and videos that your audience will like rather than posting every minute of the day. People want to see something they can enjoy, not an account that’s constantly in their face. And while you can always go back and edit content before uploading it to Instagram, there’s only so much you can do.

10) Make Sure Your Account Is Discoverable

Instagram has a number of search tools built directly into the app itself, which means your brand should be discoverable by anyone who performs relevant searches. To take advantage of this feature, ensure that all of your account information is public (not private). Then, include keywords in each post you create related to what you’re offering or who might be interested in it. This way, when people search for those terms, your profile should come up as a result.

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11) Take Advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are one of the best features that the photo-sharing app has rolled out recently and you want to take advantage of them if possible. This is because they’re essentially Snapchat stories but presented as Instagram posts instead, which means fans don’t have to download another app just to see what you’re up to or get alerts when you share new content. As with all types of social media marketing, there’s no guarantee that these will lead directly to sales but they do give people another way in which they can connect with your brand on the go.

12) Use BCO, Because They Have A Large Database Of Accounts You Can Promote Yours On

BCO makes it easy to tag another user in your Instagram posts. You can mention them by their account name or even send them a direct message right through the app itself, which means building more exposure is just a couple of taps away. Plus, they also have an impressive directory of other “influencers” you can choose from, all of which are verified and ready for promotion.

13) Make Sure Your Hashtags Are Relevant

Hashtags are extremely important on Instagram but what’s more important is ensuring they’re actually relevant to what you’re posting. If people see that there’s no real connection between tags and content, they’ll be less inclined to engage with the post since it seems like spam. So when you’re creating hashtags, it’s important to try and use popular ones where possible so your account doesn’t look automated.

14) Getting More Followers

Generally, the more followers your account has, the better. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t target a specific audience if you haven’t yet reached critical mass. So feel free to narrow down your focus until you have enough people in your network who can help boost awareness of whatever it is that your brand is offering. Otherwise, it’s going to be very difficult for anyone to take you seriously or trust what you have to say.

15) Don’t Forget To Engage

If You Want Your Account To Grow By engaging with other brands on Instagram, there’s a good chance you’ll get noticed more quickly since it shows that your account is already active. So be sure to comment on or like relevant posts, especially when they appear in the “Explore” section. It may not lead directly to sales but the more likes and comments your profile gets, the higher up people can find you when doing relevant searches.

16) Mention Brands You Like

Similar to how brands can tag one another’s Instagram accounts, they can also tag each other’s profiles if they’re featured somewhere else such as a YouTube video or blog post. This helps create an additional layer of exposure for both businesses involved and gives fans a greater incentive to follow whichever page was tagged due to its association with something they liked in the past.

17) Instagram Ads

If You Have The Budget To Spend On It, Instagram has a paid advertising platform that allows you to pay for posts so they show up more frequently in someone’s feed. They also have a number of tools built into their app to help you create advertisements as well as monitor the performance of each one you’ve put out there. So if your budget can afford it, this is definitely a great option since it will expose your posts to the largest audience possible and drive results that would otherwise be unattainable organically.

18) Do What You Can With Free Tools

As mentioned previously, free marketing strategies are often preferable since companies don’t want to spend too much on promoting themselves, especially when they’re trying to keep things affordable for their customers. So if you can’t afford to use Instagram ads, conduct social media contests to engage your current fanbase. It’s a great way to help people get excited about what you have to offer and create more brand advocates since they’ll be the ones spreading the word for you.

19) Keep Building Your Network Of Influencers

Even though promoting other brands on Instagram is fine, you shouldn’t go overboard with it because it will make your posts seem automated rather than authentic. To continue building your network of influencers who are genuinely interested in what you have to say and always stay true to your mission. Then once this begins gaining momentum, it’ll attract even more people that want to work alongside you as well as those who support what you believe in.

20) Make A Branded Instagram Account

If you want to maximize your exposure, it’s best to devote one of your profiles exclusively to promoting your own brand. This way you can use hashtags that are relevant to what you’re offering and run ads without having any distractions on the side. Then once you’ve established an audience, start uploading pictures of other brands’ products where appropriate so your current followers don’t get annoyed at seeing too many sponsored posts in their feed.

21) Try To Feature At Least One Influencer In Every Post

Even if they’re not officially endorsing any part of your brand, featuring at least one influencer in each post will make them more engaging since people love following things that are popular among their peers. So while you don’t have to talk about anything related to that particular influencer, just having them somewhere in the background will give your posts a higher chance of being seen since they’ll be more likely to share it with their friends.

22) Always Aim To Be Relevant With Your Content

Even though it’s nice to see other businesses succeed, trying to copy their strategies can come back to bite you due to a lack of authenticity. So always try your best not to take ideas directly from any other sources and stay true to what makes your brand unique so people are more willing to support what you have to say. Not only does this strategy help build trust but it also gives people a reason why they should keep following you afterward rather than simply forget about you the minute you release a post.

23) Get Creative With Your Captions

There’s no doubt that taking beautiful photos is one way to get people to stay interested in what your brand has to offer, but there are other things you can do to entice them as well such as add witty captions. This will help keep your audience entertained while also giving each of your posts additional context within whatever campaign you’ve been running recently.

24) Highlight Instagram Content That You Like

If there are any other brands that have already gained traction on Instagram, consider following them so they’ll know and potentially reciprocate by liking and commenting on some of your pictures. Even though this may seem like a shameless tactic for increasing engagement, it’s still a great way to get more people excited about what you have to share as well as show yourself as being sociable.

25) Connect With Other Brands On Instagram

Just like how products from one store are often recommended by other stores, it can be beneficial for your business if you help promote similar brands. If there are any influencers that run a company that creates products that complement yours or anyone else who has a profile dedicated to trying out or reviewing new things, take the first step and send them a message about what they’re up to. Once this gets going, it’ll become much easier to build a group of supporters who will eagerly share your posts with their friends because they know they’d want to hear from them too.

26) Keep Mentions Short And Simple

One of the easiest ways to make sure people remember you are by using your @username anytime you refer to another Instagram page. Then if they like what you have to say, they can click on your name and go straight there instead of having to search through their entire list of followers. While this may seem like too much work for most people, the more active someone is on Instagram, the more likely they are to notice you since it’ll be easier for them to keep track of who’s talking about them.

27) Create A Weekly Hashtag Project

Another nice way to keep things fresh is by regularly creating new hashtags that are related to specific themes or events. This will help give each post you upload an additional layer of context while also encouraging anyone who sees your pictures to use them when they post something themselves.

By following these tips, you can promote your brand on Instagram and share with others the benefits of using social media to connect with customers. To learn more about how we can help you grow your business through digital marketing strategy, contact us today! You’ll be glad that you did.

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