Ever feel like you’re throwing money at online ads that could be more successful in hitting the clicks and leads?

85% is the case that you’re NOT targeting the RIGHT PPC ad format!

Fear not, braves!

This newsletter unveils the hottest pay-per-click (PPC) ad formats you should apply to dominate your competitors in 2024.

Let’s wampum up your business with these rocking Ad formats!

Top 4 Ad Styles to Rule the Market:

1.Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads adjust to different screen sizes and automatically test headlines and descriptions to find what resonates with your audience.

Responsive ads for your local plumbing service could be….

“Clogged Drains Got You Down?” with a description like “24/7 Emergency Service – Unclog Your Pipes in 20 Minutes!”

Examples of Google Ads Responsive Display Ads - Duoplus

2.Video Ads: Capture Hearts and Minds

Platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram have become your hunting grounds for showcasing your brand’s spirit through video ads.

For a handcrafted Jewellery store, ads can be….

It is a meticulous process of crafting a beautiful necklace, highlighting each piece’s unique materials, diamond shape, and beauty.

YouTube Video Ad Formats : Four15 Digital

3.Carousel Ads: Unfurl a Colorful Story

Imagine you run a sporting goods store…

Your carousel ad may include features of your latest hiking boots, with three images, each highlighting breathability, water resistance, and comfortable ankle support.

4.Dynamic Product Ads: Personalized Ads

Dynamic product ads use browsing and purchase behavior to display personalized ads, enticing window shoppers to return and complete their purchases.

A visitor browses your online guitar store but needs to buy something.

Later, they see a dynamic product ad featuring the specific guitar they are searching for and a special 20% discount.

Don’t be a wallflower!

Choose one of these innovative ad formats per your product or service and….

WOW, your profits and conversions!

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