Almost 78% of digital advertisers make crucial errors that drain massive budgets but deliver subpar results.

Have you launched a Pay-Per-Click Campaign for your business in the past?

Was it successful?

Have you squeezed the most out of your PPC campaign?

No….? Were there pitfalls that you were not aware of?


If you’re considering launching the FIRST PPC campaign for your business marketing, these mistakes could spoil your ROI.

Mistake #1: Keyword Misfires

  • The Problem: If you selected the wrong keywords, you cast a net into an empty pond – tons of effort with minimal outcome.
  • The Fix: Identify low KD (keyword difficulty) kWs with intent that matches your audience’s needs and your product or service.

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Mistake #2: Generic Ad Copy

  • The Problem: Generic ad copy needs to get clicks and conversions.
  • The Fix: Do at least five ad variations for each ad group, testing different headlines, descriptions, CTA, and videos.
Mistake #3: Not tracking Big 4
  • The Problem: If you are not tracking the matrices, you’re flying blind.
  • The Fix: Define clear goals and KPIs before launch. Use analytics tools to track these matrices.
1. Click-Through Rate (CTR)
2. Conversion Rate
3. Cost Per Click (CPC)
4. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Mistake #4: Irrelevant Landing Page

  • The Problem: A stellar ad is only possible if you target an irrelevant landing page.
  • The Fix: Ensure your landing page is optimized plus relevant with your ad copy and keywords. Focus on clarity, persuasion, and a user-friendly experience to drive conversions.

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Mistake #5: NO Remarketing

  • The Problem: Are you letting potential customers slip away? Remarketing can bring them back!
  • The Fix: Create targeted remarketing based on location, user behavior, age, and customer interests. Custom ads can bring good results.

By avoiding these common pitfalls, you can take your PPC campaigns to become fruitful and have a 10X impact.

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