20 Best Web App Ideas to Start a Business in 2022

Web App Ideas

As an entrepreneur, you are constantly looking for new opportunities to invest your time, resources, and talents. In 2022, web apps are a valuable way to invest time, resources, and skills.

We live in a world where hardly a day goes by without a majority of people interacting with the internet in one way or the other. We interact with mobile apps, desktop apps, websites, web apps, and in most cases, a mix of all the app forms.

Web apps are an invaluable way to transcend operating system barriers and mobile app store requirements to reach users while still offering the same features and experience available on a mobile app.

This article will provide a short breakdown of 20 web app ideas that you can build a business off to help you kickstart your journey to becoming a web app start-up founder in 2022.

A Brief Introduction to Web Applications

What differentiates a web application from mobile or desktop applications is that the web application’s software is stored on a web server instead of being collected locally on the Operating System (OS) of a device, as is the case with mobile and desktop applications.

Since the software is stored on a web server, users have to use a browser to activate the web app. Web apps typically use a client-server model arrangement, which means that a third-party off-site server provides the services to the user.

Benefits of Using a Web Application Structure

  • They can run on any device that has a browser, transcending the operating system barrier.
  • Web App Developers can provide the same experience to all users across devices since users access the exact version of the app.
  • It does not necessarily require downloading software.
  • Since no software download is required, storage space is a non-issue.
  • Since it is stored on a server controlled by the developer, software piracy is highly unlikely.
  • Lower costs are incurred for the developer since less maintenance and support are required.
  • Users can also benefit by paying less due to lower costs incurred by the developers.

Types of Web Application?

  • Dynamic Web app: This web app serves multiple functions and can constantly update or change.
  • Static Web app: This simple web app doesn’t leave much room for changes or updates.
  • Portal Web app: This type of web app acts as a link to a variety of content types and categories, which could include web pages, forums, chat platforms, etc.
  • E-commerce Web app: This type of web app typically takes the form of an online store where users can make purchases.

20 Web app Ideas for 2022

Web App Ideas

1: Customer Relations Management Web app

A Customer Relations Management (CRM) Web app targeted at small and mid-size businesses is likely to see massive adoption in 2022 if done right. Companies use CRM software to simplify managing their relationships with customers.

Managing customer relationships is particularly important in 2022 because of the economic and social impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and the attendant lockdowns on consumer behavior. Larger businesses have the financial and human resources to weather the storm. Still, small to mid-size companies need all the help they can get in an easily accessible format.

A CRM web app that is easily accessible on all devices and OS platforms will enable small to mid-size business owners to improve their business relationships with customers and boost the chances of survival for their businesses in a global economy that has yet to recover from the pandemic fully.

One significant benefit of deploying your CRM software web app architecture is that it allows for the speedy deployment of an MVP. You can focus your attention on developing the best CRM software possible without the distraction and delays that result from taking on the challenge of meeting the requirements of app store overlords.

Your web app strategy should be built around developing an intuitive, easy-to-use, and simple web app to shorten the learning curve for your users as much as possible.

2: The Executive’s Console Web app

The amount of technology available today has resulted in massive amounts of data being produced every second. This poses a challenge for c-suite executives with tight daily schedules. One solution to this problem is to have a variety of assistants to help monitor the data. However, assistants are still humans, and there are limits to the amount of data a human can analyze and interpret.

The Executive’s Console could aggregate all of that data from multiple sources and distill it down to a report that can be read in minutes without sacrificing access to any insights.

The benefits of this web app will be:

It will enable C-Suite Executives to control the way data is presented to them by toggling controls.

The Executive’s console will provide the required data in a summarized format to help Executives save time.

The web app’s scalability feature will allow C-Suite executives to modify it to suit their needs.

3: HR Orientation Web app

Every organization has an orientation program for new personnel to educate them on their culture and norms and ensure they understand what is expected of them in terms of conduct and performance.

Orientation is a crucial step because it is the first experience new personnel have of any organization to which they are being admitted. The orientation quality will determine how well the new personnel perform and how quickly they adapt to the new environment.

Unfortunately, many organizations have a poorly designed orientation process. This could be due to the HR department being overburdened by the expected amount of work or the HR department being handicapped by poor funding. The development of a flawed orientation process is that crucial functions are glossed over or skipped entirely, resulting in the personnel exhibiting deficient performance or an inability to adapt to the work environment.

Your orientation web app could be the solution to this problem bedeviling HR departments across the globe if it:

  • Simplifies the Process: This will remove complications and ease the burden on HR departments, making it easy for them to access, organize, and dispense orientation resources.
  • Automates the Process: This will enable employees to take charge of the process and access the resources they need to get up to speed.

4: HR Orientation Web app for Remote Workers

The lockdowns from the Covid-19 pandemic fast-tracked the move to remote work for specific jobs. Today, about 62% of workers aged 22 to 65 report that they occasionally work remotely compared to pre-pandemic levels.

This means that a company headquartered in the US could easily have workers located on four different continents, working at other times of the day, requiring different kinds of orientation to get up to speed with how the organization works.

Your orientation web app could be of immense value to organizations with a global remote workforce if it:

  • Simplifies the Process: This will remove complications and ease the burden on HR departments, making it easy for them to access, organize, and dispense orientation resources.
  • Automates the Process: This will enable employees to take charge of the process and access the resources they need to get up to speed.
  • Personalizes the Process: If your web app can modify different aspects of orientation modules – such as language, slang, etc. – to match the local experiences of individual employees, this would drastically reduce the amount of work HR departments need to do.
  • Enables access irrespective of the OS or device being used.

5: Dating Web app for Niche Communities

Work and other activities have made people who belong to specific sections of the population busier. Groups like corporate workers, social media influencers, freelancers, etc., have increasingly busy schedules that make it impossible for them to date. A dating web app that targets any one of these communities will succeed in 2022.

The dating app ecosystem is highly competitive. There are currently many players in the space, and more continue to join by the day. Hence, you need to focus on a niche of the dating community and meet their specific needs.

Some niches to consider:

  • Dating for Disabled persons
  • Dating for Certain Religious Groups
  • Dating for Specific locations (e.g., a particular neighborhood, college, etc.).
  • Dating for Specific Characteristics (e.g., behaviors, hobbies, likes/dislikes, etc.)

6: Workflow Management Web app

Many organizations are desperate for software to aid them in managing their business processes. Workflow Management is a vital need for companies across different industries. Still, the following sectors have the highest demand for better software, either because of strict regulation or the complexity of their workflow:

  1. Insurance
  2. Finance
  3. Healthcare
  4. Government
  5. Information Technology

To win in these industries, you must ensure that your Workflow Management Web app has the following features:

  1. Ready-made form fields
  2. Automatic and dynamic data validation
  3. Support required and optional fields
  4. Automatic routing
  5. Simple and Clear Instructions

7: Third-Party E-Learning Web app

Educational institutions around the world are starting to embrace e-learning because of the benefits it provides, such as:

  • Diversify the student population.
  • Increase the number of students each institution can admit.
  • Give students access to a vast number of educational resources developed in-house.
  • Keep the spread of diseases, such as Covid-19, under check.
  • Potential to increase the institution’s revenues significantly without being accompanied by an equally significant rise in expenses.

While e-learning can radically transform how educational institutions disperse knowledge to the population, some institutions are held back by a lack of understanding of how e-learning works, the benefits of adopting e-learning, and even how to get started with e-learning. This is where your third-party e-learning web app can come in, save the day, and unlock financial freedom for you.

8: Proprietary E-Learning Web app

Unlike in the previous example, where you are developing a web app to meet the needs of other educational institutions, in this case, you are building an e-learning company of your own.

Rather than develop the web app and license access to its features to educational institutions, you can build a workforce of professors or experts in different fields, have them record videos and create other forms of educational resources (text, audio, etc.), use the content to develop courses for your web app, and then market your e-learning web app to users and have them pay subscription fees to access the educational resources.

To succeed at this, you should focus on a particular niche. Some niches to consider are:

  • Computers and Technology.
  • Business and Entrepreneurship.
  • Writing and Content Creation.
  • Arts and Crafts.
  • Health.
  • Education.

9: Book Review Web app

Students rely heavily on textbooks as an aid to learning both within the classroom while attending lectures and outside the classroom when preparing for tests, exams, or just studying to deepen their understanding.

Over time, the growth of the internet has led to a dispersion of knowledge and has widened access to books and information. While this is one of the great leaps humanity has made in recent times, it has also come with attendant problems. One major problem is the relatively large number of books produced on similar topics.

Having so many options leads to confusion and the fear of picking an option that will not yield the highest amount of value derivable.

Your web app can take one of two routes:

  • Paid Reviews: You can hire reviewers to study a broad selection of books and then give thorough reviews of each book to aid the user in deciding on which book to purchase.
  • User-Generated Reviews: You can make a list of books you’d like to have reviewed and then request reviews from current or past students who have studied those books.

Your web app will go viral if you develop a simple, intuitive, book review web app with comprehensive functionality and features and provides thorough and insightful reviews.

10: Public Transportation Web app

A public transportation web app could solve any of the problems students face with public transport:

  • Safety: All sorts of crimes occur while in transit or at bus stops. The significant problems include theft and harassment.
  • Congestion leading to excessively long commutes.
  • Off-peak inadequacy.
  • Rising costs.

This mobile app aims to notify its users about the best route to take using public transportation. It would also alert the user when it is time to leave to avoid missing the bus, train, or plane. It would monitor traffic, delays, scheduled departure time, and consider a rush hour.

11: AI Wish-list Assistant Web app

The primary purpose of this app will be to support users in achieving their personal or professional goals. Developing this type of web app will require more technical skills since it will include artificial intelligence.

This web app will take data on the things they would like to purchase and develop a procedural timeline for the user to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. After the user has signed on to the platform, they will be required to input the following data:

  • Income
  • Current Monthly Expenses. The expenses will be broken down to:
    • Necessities (needs)
    • Wants
  • Projected Growth in Income
  • Investment Goals (in figures)
  • Savings Goals (in figures)
  • Deadline for achieving the goals

The AI will then analyze the data from the user, search the internet for the best deals for the items on the wish list, and then use the income and expense information, alongside the investment and savings goals, to build a timetable for the user to purchase all of the items on the list without sacrificing their investment and savings goals, and without exceeding the set deadline.

12: Discount School Supplies Store

The purpose of this web app will be to serve as an aggregator for school supplies listed on the internet. The web app will gather data on the best deals on school supplies available on the internet and find discounts or coupons for each sale.

So, all the user needs to do is:

  • Search for the school supplies they need
  • Find the best prices available on the internet
  • Choose their preferred discount or coupon
  • Place an order or visit a physical store to make the purchase

#13: P2P School Supplies Store

This will function similarly to the Discount School Supplies Store, only, in this case, rather than searching for items listed on the internet, users will have to visit the website to register as one of two user types:

  • Sellers
  • Buyers

The type of sellers the platform will prioritize are those who purchase products at deep discounts at events like yard sales, flea markets, etc. Sellers will find and buy items at deep discounts (used or new) and list available items on the platform for sale to buyers.

14: Private Birth-control Web App

There are already many birth-control apps on app stores, but this web app will target a specific niche: birth control users who use it secretly and want to keep track of their usage.

Some women hide their birth-control use for a variety of reasons, the most prominent of which are:

  • Discomfort with discussing their birth-control use
  • Birth control may be a taboo topic
  • Fear of parents/partners finding out
  • Fear of birth-control sabotage by parents/partners
  • Desire to keep knowledge of birth-control use between the user and her partner.

The web app structure is most appropriate for tracking usage if the user has any of the aforementioned fears. There is no need to download an app onto any device other parties may discover.

The web app will help the user to track the following information:

  • Monthly Cycle Start and End Dates
  • If they are late, they will receive an SMS notification in code that can’t be understood by a third-party
  • Suggest medical personnel who can aid with medical issues while maintaining the secrecy
  • Birth-control reminder notification in code that can’t be understood by a third-party

15: Parent-Teacher Web app

This web app will create a direct line of communication between parents and teachers of their students. The app’s purpose will be for parents to stay informed on their child’s behavior and performance in school. It will also allow the parents to take an active role in their child’s education rather than just sitting back and handing it over entirely to the teacher and school.

Having the parents actively participate in their child’s education is also of great benefit because it will allow:

  • Parents and teachers to build a close-knit relationship
  • Parents will have a more robust understanding of their child’s progress
  • Parents will have up-to-date information on school activities
  • Teachers will be able to understand the child’s behavior at home and how it influences the child’s performance in school
  • Teachers can ensure there is consistency at home and in school

Having the platform built as a web app is essential because it will enable:

  • Bypass OS restrictions: If one OS supports the app and the other doesn’t, cross-platform communication will be a problem.
  • Bypass device restrictions: Two parties may prefer to use different devices. Some may choose to use desktops, while others prefer mobile devices. A web app will support all device use.
  • Easy data retrieval: Since the conversation data is stored in the cloud, it can be easily retrieved at any time.

16: Exam Prep Web app

This web app will support the student’s preparation for examinations by offering a summarized but deep revision of everything the student has been taught during the session.

Students will be able to:

  • Select courses
  • Select course modules
  • Select tutors
  • Select a time frame for a daily session
  • Input exam dates
  • Input desired revision completion dates

Once the revision is completed, the student will take an exam structured similarly to the exams they will be having in school to complete their preparation for the actual exam.

17: Hobbyist Social Platform Web app

This web app aims to connect hobbyists with people who have similar interests near them. Social media has had a bad reputation because it has been structured to be as addictive as possible.

This web app will take a different approach. Rather than seeking to “bring the world closer together” on a digital social media platform, this social media platform will bring people together to explore their hobbies together in the real world.

Since you seek to bring people into the physical world, you cannot rely on adverts. Instead, you can depend on affiliate marketing for the products hobbyists need to enjoy their hobbies. Sell the shovel the gold miner needs to mine gold.

18: Family Connection Web app

This web app will enable family members to maintain their connections and relationship. This will be targeted at people whose families are in different locations. The web app will offer the following functionalities:

  • Videoconferencing for up to 20 people.
  • Play games with up to 20 people.
  • Group chats of up to 100 people.
  • Share a Calendar with up to 1000 people to ensure everyone is up-to-date with important dates (weddings, anniversaries, get-togethers, etc.)
  • Share an Album with up to 1000 people to share special moments with your family.
  • Social-media style feed to see real-time updates from family members.
  • Give virtual gifts.
  • Instantly place an order for gifts on integrated e-commerce platforms.

19: AR Interior Design Web app

This app aims to help people envision how furniture will look within a space (home, office, etc.). This web app will be targeted at people who want to:

  • Visualize furniture and fittings in their space
  • Use AR to design their space without needing to use advanced apps.
  • People who need guidance in designing their space
  • People who prefer to create a shopping list remotely before heading to a store

The web app will solve these problems by

  • Offer users access to a vast array of furniture and fittings
  • Supporting drag and drop functionality to enable users easily design their space
  • Provide live help to users who need guidance
  • Offer users instant one-click ordering of the products they have tried and would love to purchase


This article has presented 20 transformative ideas for a web app in 2022. While that is a significant number – it would take multiple lifetimes to get all of these 20 businesses off the ground and make them successful – it is just the tip of the iceberg.

There is a world of ideas out there, and any one of those ideas could serve as a foundation for developing a web app that will create a transformative impact. Regardless of whether you pick an idea from this list or from elsewhere, the fact remains that industries are very competitive today. As more people leave the workforce to launch businesses of their own, competition will only intensify.

To get your web app to be successful, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Discover a customer category to appeal to directly (the more niche, the better).
  • Develop your idea to make it distinct from competitors.
  • Partner with reliable infrastructure providers to avoid problems like extensive downtimes.
  • Implement efficiently and effectively to ensure you meet and exceed your users’ expectations.

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