Imagine that you are an Ohio landscaper, who has got the passion to change a lifeless yard into an astonishing oasis. You excel in everything it demands, be it the skills, tools, and creativity to transform any such dull place into a captivating one as if making its space on to the cover of “Better Homes and Gardens.” But, here is one major problem- your business is not known by people! Though you have tried everything in your hands, from flyers to sponsoring a local league team, yet haven’t got your phone ringing off the hook. Seems relatable! Well! Worry not, and let’s get in for this little secret that can surely find ways for making your landscaping business SEO.

What is SEO?

The process of making your content or website rank in the top in the search engine results is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Assume as an example of a fame contest for your website, where maximum is the “votes” (i.e. appropriate content and high-quality backlinks), higher it will rank. And, like in a high school, this too, comes with various perks including increased visibility, traffic and yes, customers as well.

Why is SEO Important for Ohio Landscapers?


  1. Enhanced Online Visibility

Imagine you are residing in your home at Columbus in Ohio, and you need a landscaper who can help you make your monotonous lawn a worth-relaxing oasis. So, what is the first thing that you will think of doing? Indeed, you will start searching for “landscapers near me” or “best landscapers in Columbus” on your phone, right! Now, assume seeing your landscaping business at the top of that search result. Not a dream though! It can become reality for you to make your business rank at the top while your target consumer is looking for the same.

  1. Gaining Attention from Target Consumers

    If you are an Ohio landscaper, probably your target consumers will be local ones. Obviously, why would someone from California hire your services to mow their backyard (yes, only if they own their own private jet and do not care about burning their money on this). And, here is how local SEO gets in demand. With this, you can easily optimize your website for your local customers who are looking for your services like “landscapers in Ohio”, or “landscaping service providers near me.”

  2. Lesser Marketing Prices

    Where conventional marketing approaches including billboards, print ads or even radio spots can be costly, particularly for small businesses, SEO is inexpensive for marketing a landscaping business. Indeed, it will require your time and effort (or hiring a company like ours, wink wink), however these investments will be significant for a long-term role. Also, do not forget that it’s your website that works for you 24/7, while you are catching some z’s, resting and relaxing after a long day of planting petunias, surely unlike that billboard on the highway.

  3. Improving User Experience

    Now, don’t take SEO as just about the search engine lords, well, you cannot overlook providing a good user experience to your customers. And, when you go for search engine optimization of your website, you also help the users to find solutions to their problems easily. Moreover, if your website is quite organized properly, with accurate and appropriate content available making it an user-friendly experience for the customers, they will instantly get hooked and engaged by it, increasing your chances to get chosen by them over your competitors.

  4. Standing Out from Competitors

    You definitely cannot ignore the fact that the landscaping industry in Ohio is quite competitive, and it often becomes tedious and daunting to stand out in a crowd full of green trucks and grass-stained work boots. However, with SEO, you can do so, easily, and outrank your competitors in search results. Assume if someone is searching for “best landscapers in (any city)”, and your business gets ranked at the top of the list, then the chances of them clicking on your website link is maximum, and might hire your services as well, over your competitors’ whose content may be hanging somewhere in page two or three of the search result.

How Should You Optimize Landscaping Websites for SEO?

Now that you have learnt about why SEO is of utmost importance for your business of Ohio landscaping, let’s dig deeper into exploring some tips to optimize your website.

  1. Keyword Researching

    The first step towards successful SEO planning is Keyword research. This encompasses recognizing words or even phrases that your target audience might be looking for, when searching for landscaping services. There are various tools that can help you identify relevant target keywords.

Have a look here at some of the examples for an Ohio landscaping business:

– SEO tips for Ohio landscaping
– Online marketing for Ohio landscaping companies
– Local SEO basics for Ohio landscaping
– Digital marketing for Ohio landscaping business
– Website optimization for Ohio landscaping

With using the keywords like mentioned above for your website content, URLs, and meta tags, you can also make your place in the search engines.

  1. Creating High-quality Content

    If you think stuffing your website with keywords could make your work done, then you are mistaken here. Today, to get listed in the good rankings of search engines, you need to make your content a high-quality one, that makes it valuable for users. For this, you can consider writing blog posts, making videos, or creating infographics that not only showcase your creativity but also meet the demands of your customers by providing them useful tips to beautify their open outdoor spaces.

Take an example here of creating a blog with the title, “10 Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Ohio Landscape” or maybe a video tutorial on “Step By Step Guide to Prune Rose Bushes Like An Expert”. With such attempts not only your content will become valuable to your customers but also, make it rank at top positions in search engines.

  1. Optimizing Website’s URLs and Meta Tags

    URL is basically your website’s street address and meta tags are its name tags. These things are significant as they help customers in understanding about the site, and where to fit that into search results. Ensure incorporating the relevant keywords in these URLs, meta titles and its descriptions, while also not overstuffing them. Also, make sure to keep it brief yet explanatory, and strong enough to catch customers’ attention to make it clickable.

Example, you should try a more specific URL using keywords like “,” instead of using a generic one like maybe “” Likewise, for a meta title, you should try using something definitive like “Best Landscape Services at Columbus, Ohio” and not simply “Ohio Landscaper.”

  1. Building Relevant Backlinks

    Consider backlinks by assuming it as those popular kids at high school, who vouch for you. So, when other websites get them linked to your site, it makes your content valuable and relevant and makes its place in search engines. But yes, do not forget that not all backlinks carry equal weightage, so you must ensure building relevant and high-quality backlinks that hold a reputation and value in the domain.

Here are some tips to create backlinks for your say, landscaping business:

– Connect with some local yet trustworthy nurseries or home improvement stores for partnering and promoting your services
– Guest blogging on websites of same industry
– Taking part in online or local business listings
– Sponsoring organizations or events that might bring you back link for your website


No wonder SEO is a tedious task often, but is an essential part of any online marketing strategy success, be it any business, here, say, Ohio landscaping businesses. So, by now you know that to enhance your online business visibility, gain more customers’ attention, lessen marketing prices, improve user experience, and outrank the competitors’ list, you must invest your time and efforts into SEO optimization.

But, yes, we do understand that SEO is not your business but landscaping is. And, so help you with digital marketing, we are here- ElitebGrowth. We are SEO experts and the right choice for marketing your Ohio landscaping business. With our services, you not only assist you in optimizing and dealing with search engines’ complexities but also make your business grow and expand online with personalization techniques.

So, are you ready to make your Ohio landscaping business reach new heights? Reach out to us via call or email, and let our team of experts help you plant the SEO success’ seeds, while you watch it thrive like a well-manicured lawn.

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